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Fifty Ink Tattoo Coventry are at the cutting edge when it comes to design and custom artwork, using the latest versions of popular software, alongside traditional illustration to create beautiful, custom tattoos.

Gone are the days of drawing everything freehand... Fifty Ink use the latest computer software to assist in the tattoo design process, allowing an unique fusion of traditional and contemporary art styles

Tattoo Fixers? Yes… Fifty Ink Custom Tattoo can tackle even the most elaborate cover ups in Coventry and beyond. Give the studio a call, or fire an email over and arrange a FREE consultation to discuss how to turn your tattoo disaster-piece into a tattoo masterpiece!

Fifty Ink Custom Tattoo take your pictures, drawings and ideas; then merge them all into one (or several) designs on computer. This allows us to easily change the artwork before anything is finalised.

Once a design is chosen, your artist will hand render it and create an appropriately sized stencil. For more information on this, and how we go about tattooing, please go check out the process page.

Believe it or not, there's a lot of work involved in creating custom tattoos. As a customer, you can actively engage yourself in the design process... Or steer clear and allow your artist to come up with the goods!