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With a history in traditional art, graphic design, and over ten years experience as a tattoo artist, you can rely on Fifty Ink to carry out work to the highest standard. Also your design work will be dealt with in the most creative and professional manner possible using all the latest and most traditional tools.

Our no pressure, laid back, friendly, unrushed atmosphere in the studio provides a healthy environment - not only for you the customer, but your artist also. You can sit back and absorb the pain, or you can have a chat with your artist as he works... whatever makes you feel more comfortable.

Any artwork that Fifty Ink designs is free for paying clients, and a free no pressure consultation is usually advised. A lot of design work can be done remotely, but measurements, muscular angles, body shape, skin tone and the like are all important factors, so a pre-arranged 5 minute visit to the studio is usually a wise move. We politely ask that you get in touch with us before visiting the studio so we can arrange a suitable time.

You will find rates with us are very reasonable, particularly for longer sessions, and we're happy to try and work to a particular budget... again, a pre-arranged 5 minute trip to the studio can answer any questions quickly.

Throughout your visit you are welcome to fresh coffee and any other available refreshments. You're also encouraged to bring along snacks as it helps with the pain.

Our new online store has a range of unique accessories, gifts and clothing that are all customisable... you can use your own images, Fifty Ink designs, or we can design something from scratch for you. Feel free to have a look around and get in touch with any questions.


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