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No, there's loads of reasons why, but suffice to say that your little one wouldnt like it!

Standard answer is 6 weeks, but depends on several factors certainly no sooner than 2 weeks

6 weeks to fully heal. the area will look healed generally after 2 weeks or so, but theres still plenty going on under the surface

Not in the UK

The simple answer is yes, but only a skilled artist will know how to work that skin correctly, and achieve a suitable result

Put them in the bin and get a real tattoo by a skilled craftsman

6 weeks to fully heal

Some people would recommend it! Seriously though, you can... but after a big sitting, youll probably just want to eat and crawl into bed like everyone else! It certainly isnt recommended to go on a huge binge immediately after


Yes, of course. Just be careful when washing around the tattoo site itself, as it will be tender and extra sensitive

Not immediately, 3 months

2-4 weeks... When the outside is looking healed

18 or older

Eat, sleep, plan your journey. Make sure you're extra clean. Arrive on time. If you can manage to shave the proposed tattoo site, your artist will appreciate your efforts. Most of all - Relax, and enjoy it!

You can purchase a suitable waterproof bandage, but swimming isn't recommended until the outside of the tattoo site has sealed (usually a week or 2)

Also known more generally as a waterproof bandage, you should follow manufacturer instructions, but generally it's a daily change for a week or 2

It very much depends on the size and design. Fifty Ink has a completely transparent comprehensive pricing structure, that has taken a lot of time to devise. Select 'prices' from the main navigation menu to see full details

Not recommended, but theres usually a workaround that can be utilised. If you're concerned, discuss it with your artist and he will most likely have a range of creative solutions

OK... I guess you want to get rid of that crazy mess you got back in the 90's! Of course it's not an ideal scenario, yet very common. Obviously there are cases where it's impossible, but generally there's a solution for the very worst old tattoos. In the first place, arrange to meet up with your artist so he can assess the damage and offer his (no obligation) opinions and ideas

Yes, within reason. However it can limit the range of design options available. Speak to your artist directly in the first place, and arrange a 5 minute meet up so he can take a look and advise

It is kinda possible, but definitely not ideal... If the skin is otherwise good, then yes, but great care needs to be taken with both the design and application of the tattoo to achieve a good result

A fresh tattoo, particularly a large one, can display several symptoms like swelling, redness, tenderness, pain are all common for a day or 2. Follow your aftercare instructions thoroughly, and if youre worried then simply get in touch with your artist and he will be happy to assess the progress of healing. If you experience yellow puss weeping out of it after a few days, then youll probably need a course of antibiotics. Often, an infection is caused outside of the surgically clean studio, and appropriate aftercare hasnt been followed. There wont be much a doctor can do anyway, apart from the antibiotics and some cream... Your best bet is to keep your new tattoo immaculately clean

Not a great idea... The area will be extra sensitive, and may not like the chemicals or scent, it can also be sticky and difficult to remove

Bepanthen or cocoa butter are about the best, but there's loads of options out there, and everyone's skin is different

It is recommended that mothers wait until after breastfeeding has ended before having a tattoo

Follow the manufacturer directions, it usually involves a little warm water and a sponge before sliding off the backing paper. If you like it, get in touch, and we'll arrange something a little more permanent

There are various ways to cover a tattoo, from makeup and clothing, to bandages and beyond. For a cover up tattoo, there are many ways to go about it. In the first place, consult your artist, and he will have several creative options to choose from. Generally speaking, youll need to go for something slightly larger and darker than the piece being covered

Speak to your artist, if he's good then it won't be a problem to create a truly unique piece of art specifically designed for your body contours and curves

Small tattoos feel like cat scratches, big tattoos feel like localised sunburn, or like you're 9 years old and fell off your bicycle

Having an area of skin tattooed can bring on certain skin conditions you didn’t know you had. Having an area of skin tattooed can bring on certain skin conditions you didn’t know you had. This is because tattooed skin becomes much more sensitive compared to its usual state, and this can expose previously unnoticed dermatologic conditions.

Keep it immaculately clean, follow your aftercare instructions, and let your artist know. It's usual to have some kind of reaction, but doesnt always mean it's infected. Your doctor or other physician will prescribe antibiotics and a topical ointment, so it's generally a wait and see process... Unless you have globs of yellow puss dripping out of it, then it's most likely nothing to worry about

Swimming, sun, don't pick or scratch, excessive exercise, tight clothing, scented creams and soaps, shaving

In short, yes

Yes you can, but it's also important to keep it clean and moisturised at all times

6 weeks to fully heal. the area will look healed generally after 2 weeks or so, but theres still plenty going on under the surface

You can get a tattoo done while taking antibiotics, however, the results may not be optimal, so it's probably better to wait

Advice from top dermatologists suggest that you wait, particularly if you're experiencing any type of flare ups at the time

Tattooing over a keloid scar is not a decision to be taken lightly. It presents complex challenges and requires thoughtful consideration

While it poses an increased risk of infection, and can cause unpredictable results. Speak to a vein specialist and your artist - There is a lot to consider before making a decision

Standard veins are fine, Spider/varicose veins pose an increased risk of infection, and can cause unpredictable results. Speak to a vein specialist and your artist - There is a lot to consider before making a decision

It is possible, but be ready for long, painful, expensive sessions as it is very likely to be a laborious job

No, it can cause irritation, leaves a film on the skin, ink bleeding and can fade ink pigments

Not recommended using Vaseline on newly healing tattoos because it prevents oxygen from reaching the tattoo, and it traps dirt and bacteria in the area

You'll bleed more than usual, and results can be slightly unpredictable, but it is possible

So long as you're not over moisturising, you can continue to moisturise long after the tattoo has healed and never see any negative results. A minimum guide would be around 4-6 weeks

Theres various numbing creams and sprays on the market, all with differing pros and cons... Ask your artist what he would recommend, as he's the person who'll be working on your skin, and may have a personal preference as to which brand to use for your particular design. He should also be able to give you instructions on how and when to apply for optimum results

In short, yes... but only moderately tanned skin. Sunburn or fake tan? No.

After a week or 2, your tattoo will usually be 'sealed', meaning the outer layer of your skin is mostly healed, but there will still be repair work going on underneath the surface for up to around 6 weeks

Absolutely, but plan it well and dont dont get it done right before you go on holiday

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